Post #774 – Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Spring-Summer Issue of International Review Magazine is Now Available

Two of the articles contained here are the result of a collaboration with my good friend and colleague, David Parnell whose regular Forbes column is avidly read by leaders throughout the legal community.  The Burning Issues Facing Firm Leaders in 2017 and Leaders Get the Behavior You Tolerate are the product of extensive surveys we have conducted during the past six months and should provide you with intersting data and substantive counsel.

With Becoming The Firm of Choice, I am pleased to feature an excerpt from a new book (by the same title), authored by old friends Robert Lees and August Aquila.  I commend both this article and their new book as insightful and very worthwhile reading. 

From coping with the stress involved in looking like you know what you are doing to the enormous time demands imposed by partner requests, The Five Challenging Paradoxes of Firm Leadership identifies the top tensions that every leader has to contend with at some point in their leadership role.

Get Your Clients To Do Your Talking offers some practical advice for how you can meaningfully differentiate who you are and what you have to offer clients.

Our final selection, When A Firm Leader Hangs Up The Crown, represents an except from the newly revised and expanded second edition of my The Changing of The Guard: Selecting Your New Firm Leader, destined to be published in April 2017.

Click on the cover to download your complimentary PDF copy of this magazine

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