Post #772 – Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Delighted To Have Contributed to a Number of New Books

Rise of the Legal COO – published by Ark Publishing
For law firms considering restructuring their business to meet the demands of a highly competitive market, hiring an experienced chief operations officer (COO) is sure to be a consideration.  However, the reassignment of duties and shift in perspective this appointment will require may prove challenging for some firms.  Finding the perfect match for a firm’s unique culture and requirements is a difficult yet essential task.  With input from a number of current law firm COOs and executive directors, alongside some of the most respected and sought-after consultants working in the legal space, Rise of the Legal COO examines the scope and variety of the legal COO role and how the challenges and demands of the position have altered as law firms have evolved over the last two decades. 

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Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers: Innovative Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Legal Talent  - published by Global Law and Business.
The competition for talent that leading experts started to describe in the 1990s has now become a reality in the legal profession. Like most industries across the globe, the legal industry is facing a shortage of exceptional people. Although in some jurisdictions there are more lawyers than the market can absorb, the reality is that the number of lawyers with the right skills is limited and that organizations are fighting to attract and retain the best professionals in a legal market that has become globalized and where mobility is now the norm.  This practical handbook, coordinated on behalf of the International Bar Association (IBA), explores the opportunities and challenges for adopting effective recruitment, development and retention strategies.

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