Post #771 – Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is There A New Science To Teamwork?

As a very long time subscriber and member of your HBR Advisory Council I cannot tell you how shocked I was to read your March-April cover article: “The New Science of Teamwork.”

“NEW?”  Are you kidding me?  Where in the world do the folks at Deloitte get away with suggesting that anything in this supposedly research based article is “new” other than modified labeling of their four primary styles and a fancy product name: “Business Chemistry.”

Back in 2002, when Dr. David Maister and I authored our book, First Among Equals: How To Manage a Group of Professionals, we devoted a 22-page chapter, “Deal Differently With Different People” to (these same) four distinctive work styles and provided in-depth guidelines to assist our readers in understanding and working with each.  But even more importantly, we cited our primary source, the extensive research of Dr. David Merrill (Personal Style and Effective Performance, St. Lucie Press) whose work on this subject was first published over 35 years ago.

For these authors and the folks at Deloitte to make claims that they have built this assessment tool and that it is the product of over 190,000 individual assessments is, in my opinion, a blatant infringement in intellectual integrity and I guess goes to prove the adage that if one waits long enough the old becomes the new once again.  Very Sad!

This is a copy of the letter I recently sent to HBR Magazine -

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