Post #762 – Friday, August 5, 2016

Skills Women Need To Be Successful Leaders

A session recently organized by Cadwalader explored the skills that women need to be successful leaders:

    Cultivate your own leadership style and find your own voice, deriving confidence through competence.  It's also important to avoid being too self-critical. 

    Welcome not only positive feedback, but honest and constructive appraisals. Entrepreneurialism is also important - for example, looking for opportunities and making the most of them.

    In general, women are good team managers, adept at conflict resolution and juggling various personalities and logistical demands. Women's capacity to encourage and motivate the marginalized allows them to bridge gaps more naturally and find common ground.

    When negotiating salary offers, let your negotiating counterpart know that you understand their position and that your own position is legitimate and justifiable. Showing effective negotiation skills enhances women's role in a firm.

    Firms need to show greater commitment to supporting their female talent through key career crossroads, and by encouraging men to take paternity leave.

    The global competitive environment places a premium on leaders who can encourage and guide their teams, and the growth of strong women's networks and sponsorship programs provide the support and opportunities crucial to advancement.

Women should feel empowered and ask for what they believe they deserve.  Confidence backed by a logical argument is a winning combination.

The panel discussion was moderated by Claire Cockerton, Chairwoman, Entiq, and Co-Founder of Innovate Finance, and included Eileen Herlihy, Executive Director and EMEA Head of Clearing Sales, J.P.Morgan; Cathryn Lyall, Chief Operating Officer, CurveGlobal, London Stock Exchange Group; Joanna Nader, Chief Investment Officer, JRJ Group; Meryam Omi, Head of Sustainability, Legal & General Investment Management; and Louisa Watt, Partner and Head of Cadwalader's Debt and Claims Trading Practice. 

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