Post #822 - July 4, 2019

Strategy Innovation: Getting to The Future FIRST

Download your copy of my new 240-page eBook - Strategy Innovation: Getting To The Future First

This book is intended to help you advance your innovative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking so your firm can WIN in today’s highly competitive environment.

Schedule Time For Strategic Thinking
32 Strategic Innovation Questions
How Conventional Strategizing Can Be A Waste of Time
Conducting A Strategic Review Versus A Strategic Plan
Bring Your Strategy Process To Life
Efficiency Is NOT The Competitive Advantage
Beware of Being Afflicted By Strategy Viruses
On Having A Strategic Focus

Developing Your Growth Strategy: Seeking Clear Blue Water
Understanding Industry Dynamics
The Tech-Driven Hybrid Practice
Importance of The Micro-Niche
Some Lucrative Micro-Niche Practices
Six Elements of Meaningful Differentiation
Perspectives on Strategizing

When Your Strategic Plan Needs To Get Implemented
Consider A Strategic Plan Premortem
Getting Committee Members To Follow-Through on Their Commitments
The Dangers of Competitive Plagiarism

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