Post # 821 – June 10, 2019

Would You Rather Lead Strategically?

Whether you are the designated leader of a practice group or industry team, your ability to lead that group, especially if they are a challenging collection of mavericks, makes you one of the most essential players in helping your firm achieve its long-term profitability and market success. 

Join me at the University of Chicago on August 22nd for a one-day, very intensive workshop to explore techniques and build skills to unleash your practice group’s highest potential.

We will explore how best to:
• create a strong cohesive group out of a collection of bright, intelligent, autonomous professionals?
• identify specifically what it is, that you can do, that is likely to actually affect the competitive success of the group you lead?
• find the means to develop a strategic direction and have your colleagues actually want to work together?
• lead effective meetings that result in concrete action plans being formulated and colleagues willing to take responsibility for actually doing something?

Register to attend before July 3rd, 2019 to receive your 15% early-bird discount:

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