Post # 820 – June 5, 2019

Legal Micro-Niche: AgTech

There are numerous law firms that hold themselves out as having agribusiness practices but only a few are exploring being the go-to firms in the agriculture technology (AgTech) micro-niche.  Total investment in 2017 in this micro-niche was reported to have exceeded $1.5 billion.  The “digital transformation” of agriculture is necessary if we want to continue filling our baskets with healthy, affordable food.   Imagine: driverless tractors tilling acres of crops, produce growing in massive climate-controlled warehouses, and seeds genetically altered to require less water are among the high-tech innovations changing, or about to change, agriculture.  Meanwhile, America’s first autonomous robot farm officially launched last October.

This is another in a series of articles I'm doing on what I call micro-niches - slivers of lucrative opportunity for attorneys and practice groups that care to invest non-billable time in developing themselves as the "go-to" experts.

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