Post #819 – May 29, 2019

How Do You Select Your Next Firm Leader?

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It is doubtful that any firm contemplates the replacement of its firm leader with enthusiasm, even when the departure is expected.  Most Executive Committees and Boards are often unprepared for the challenge and time consuming nature of planning and executing the managing partner selection process.  Which is probably not at all surprising given that they only have to do it about once every decade.  Nevertheless, there are huge consequences.  Every partner is watching closely and the process is intensely personal, political and demanding.

So, how do you orchestrate this selection process?  Will certain approaches make the task easier and more efficient?  

The necessity for determining a succession process that will work for your firm is critical.  What I have attempted to do in this eBook is outline a comprehensive process.  While every situation may be somewhat unique, best practices would suggest that there are five very distinct phases and each phase has a number of steps.

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