Post # 818 – May 24, 2019

Legal Micro-Niche: Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

This is another in a series of articles I'm doing on what I call micro-niches - slivers of lucrative opportunity for attorneys and practice groups that care to invest non-billable time in developing themselves as the "go-to" experts.

When one hears the term 3D printing, it is just natural to think of it as a way to produce a small plastic desk accessory or toy you might pick up in a gift shop.  But 3D printing is instead, part of a broader range of revolutionary technologies known as additive manufacturing (AM).  AM is now being adapted to a stunning array of different materials that will dramatically disrupt the future of manufacturing and at least 25 other different industries that I’ve been monitoring.  So to simply say that you aspire to be your client’s “trusted advisor” rings hollow, should they ask you what you know about additive manufacturing and all you can muster is a shrug of your shoulders.  Alternatively for those who care to explore this as a micro-niche to specialize in, the opportunities are beyond description.

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