Post #815 – April 18, 2019

Lucrative Micro-Niche Practice: Climate Change (Part 1)

This is another in a series of short articles that I am doing on what I call micro-niches - slivers of potentially lucrative opportunity for those attorneys and practice groups that care to invest the non-billable time in building the necessary skills to develop themselves as the "go-to" experts

Today, at least 14 US cities, five counties, one state, and a group of children are suing some of the largest Oil and Gas companies for selling products that contribute to global warming while misleading the public (reminiscent of tobacco litigation) about the harm of their products.  It is estimated that more than 1,400 climate change litigation cases have been filed to date around the world, covering 25 countries and a variety of issues, claimants, and defendants.  This current wave of litigation is raising new legal questions in the context of climate change for the first time.

Read Part 1 of the article here:    

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