Post #803 – November 10, 2018

International Review Magazine: Fall-Winter 2018

Our Fall-Winter issue begins with Inside the Corridors of Firm Leadership.  This features the results of the fifth in a series of surveys I’ve conducted with my highly respected colleague David Parnell. 

A Lesson From The Accountants is a collaboartion with an old friend, Neil Gower, and addresses how the major accounting firms exercise good governance practices, perhaps worth emulating.

The Rise of the Micro-Niche provides a further look into how the explosion of data today is forcing professionals to be far more specialized if they hope to develop a “go-to” personal brand.

What Firms Need To Do To Prepare For The Future is an excerpt from the mid-year discussions of LIFT, our international think-tank group collaboration.

Finally, When You Need to Replace a Practice Leader offers some straightforward guidance on how to handle the difficult situation when you have to remove a colleague who is just not doing the job.

Visit the following link to download your copy of my Fall-Winter 2018 practice management magazine:

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