Post # 793 – Friday, June 29, 2018

Get Your Free E-Book: Leadership Lessons From The Trenches

I’m pleased to announce that my good friends at Legal Business World, Joek Peters and Allard Winterink, have published a collection of my leadership articles and are making them available as an e-book at no cost for you to download or read on line.

This 120-page book is a compilation of some 34 concise, leadership tips containing pithy, pragmatic and sometimes, provocative advice on everything from how the best leaders get exactly what they expect to being a good coach to your colleagues (contained in Part One: In The Trenches With Colleagues) – and – from how to signal what you value as a leader to why those supposed ‘best practices’ are not always best (in Part Two: In The Trenches With Your Team).

These meanderings were inspired by those I’ve had the honor of working with, were fun to write and so I hope equally rewarding to read; but more importantly provide some guidance on how you can make your leadership journey more meaningful for those you serve and more personally gratifying for yourself.

For your PDF Download copy – go to: 

My good friends at Legal Business World (, Joek Peters and Allard Winterink, advised that my collection of leadership articles made available as an e-book, at no cost for you to download or read online, has been warmly received - OVER 9600 copies downloaded thus far!

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