Some Sample Retreat
& Workshop Topics


  • Breaking From The Past
  • 16 Cage-Rattling Questions: Ensuring That Your World Will Never Be The Same
  • Setting A Strategic Direction
  • How To Differentiate Your Firm


  • The Power Of The Practice Leader: Creating and Sustaining High Performing Teams
  • Group Leadership Skills: Winning Permission to Coach to Helping UnderPerformance
  • Working Effectively With Others: A Matter Of Personal Style
  • Developing An Industry Focus


  • Bullet-Proofing Your Most Valued Clients
  • Cross Selling Services (Small group workshop - maximum of 15 participants)
  • Asking For Referrals (Small group workshop - maximum of 15 participants)
  • Courting and Meeting Prospective Clients (Small group workshop - maximum of 15 participants)

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